AChiropractor treatment fees


Initial Consultation, including your first treatment - 1hr 20mins - £85

Follow up treatments - 45 min - £65


See our homepage for an idea on the techniques, advice and coaching your treatments may involve.

We use all organic and natural products on the skin (e.g. extra virgin raw organic coconut oil), where possible; this helps to reduce the risk of any allergies.  Regardless, do tell us of any allergies or intolerances just in case!


What to expect

Please allow up to 1.5hrs of your time for your first visit.  Prior to this visit, a health history form will be emailed to you, which you will need to complete in good time prior to the consultation, this is submitted directly to your chiropractor.  

When you arrive at the practice, your history will be further discussed with your chiropractor, followed by a physical examination.  During the examination, we will need to assess you, which is difficult with full clothing on, so please wear comfortable and appropriate underwear/exercise clothing (and on each visit).  Gowns are provided and shorts, if required.

Your Chiropractor will then give you a report of their findings and management plan uniquely tailored to you, followed by your first treatment, if indicated on this visit. 

We may need to refer you out if you require further investigation, for example x-ray, MRI or blood tests, or if your condition would benefit from referral to a different specialist, we will discuss with you your options.


Other services at AChiropractor

Custom foot orthotic assessment and fitting*

£95 (includes orthotics)

*If you are seeking orthotics, AChiropractor does require you to have an initial assessment first and treatment if indicated, before prescription and fitting of orthotics to ensure that this is the best approach for you. Please allow 60 mins of your time for the orthotic assessment and fitting.   



Payment is by cash, cheque or card, or if you are app savvy we can accept an electronic transfer via your bank app on site.