I have epilepsy and after having a fall from a seizure my shoulder and upper back were very painful, but after seeing Victoria I felt wonderful. She also made me feel so relaxed which helped my epilepsy. I shall definitely be seeing her again.

- Anon Google User 03

Victoria at AChiropractor is superb, I had suffered for 10 years with sciatica and after visiting many chiropractors with little success, I tried Victoria and the problem was cured within weeks and I am now able to manage the rare recurrences with exercises she suggested. Her diagnosis of what was causing the problem was brilliant, the previous Chiropractors had just looked at the 'bones' side of the problem but Victoria took the time to look at the muscle and this was where the problem was starting from. I would whole heartily recommend Victoria (AChiropractor) to anyone, she was especially good throughout my pregnancy with joint related issues.

- Anon Google User 02

I have suffered from back and neck problems for years and have tried a range of things to combat it including physio through my doctors. I have experienced short term relief but nothing more until now. Victoria has been brilliant. She takes a detailed health history and makes her diagnosis based on examination of bone alignment and muscle. She has a caring and calm nature which puts one at ease and this attitude follows on with how she treats my back and neck problems. Having said that, although she is petite, she has a real power and strength in her hands. She has manipulated my neck and back and this has made a significant improvement to my ability to turn my head and back movement and has lessened the pain considerably. She has also given me a range of exercises to do at home that are easy, quick yet beneficial. I would highly recommend Victoria (AChiropractor) for her chiropractic skills but also because she is very professional.

- Anon Google User 01

Fantastic service and immediate results. I do not think you could find better. After suffering a slipped disc, agonising sciatica and being immediately confined to bed I contacted Victoria. Prior to her visit she took detailed medical information to help with her diagnosis and when she arrived she was fully prepared and ready for action. After one visit the difference was immeasurable. Pain reduction was significant and my manouverability (without pain) improved significantly. She guided and supported me through simple and gentle exercise routines which meant that after two visits i had moved from being bed ridden to walking unaided. Victoria is very skilled and professional and I cannot recommend her services highly enough.

- Mr P

I've been working at computers since I can remember. All the slouching and hunching had got the best of me and I was having pains in my back and arms. After a series of treatments, Victoria had managed to alleviate the problems and also teach me how to stop it from happening again. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional and friendly. We talked about my nutritional habits and she even relieved a headache using pressure points! I wouldn't hesitate to pass on AChiropractors details to anyone with aches, pains and discomfort.

- Mr L. M

After playing sport regularly for years, particularly cricket, football, cycling and running it came as a complete surprise when I got injured whilst playing a competitive cricket match in such a familiar situation. Although unaware about what had happened, I was also clueless as to what should be done to heal the injury and allow me to get back to playing sport as soon as possible. When visiting the clinic Victoria completed an all-over-body check and after a detailed discussion gave me an informed and experienced answer. Although I thought I was injured, I was surely unaware that I had a tear in my hamstring. With little delay Victoria got straight to work at healing the injury and planning future sessions and exercises. I felt that following appointments were superb at tackling the problem area, as well as considering those surrounding the injury, giving me the confidence that it would heal well and that I was in good hands. After being signed off I am now back to full fitness and back enjoying the sports that I love, with great thanks to Victoria and her expert judgement and work I rarely have any issues with what was potentially a serious injury.

- Mr C. H

My husband and I have been seeing Victoria for Chiropractic treatment for the past two years. We had tried several chiropractors in the past with no success. However since being treated by Victoria my 10 year sciatic problem has vanished and I am now pain free. I have recently been pregnant and Victoria has treated me throughout the pregnancy as I suffered from ligament pain. My husband has also suffered muscular pain for many years and Victoria has successfully relieved and managed his pain. Victoria's method of treatment is very effective as she uses both deep muscle massage and joint manipulation to achieve the best results. We would recommend Victoria to anyone suffering from muscular pain or joint pain, she is an excellent chiropractor.

- Mr & Mrs E & J. H

I am your typical middle aged slightly overweight happily married male!! Running my own business gives me a good deal of stress and long hours at a PC. This in turn leads to my back and neck seizing up frequently due mainly to muscular stiffness. I have probably seen 4 or 5 chiropractors over the years and met Victoria when I moved home. For my treatments Victoria uses deep soft tissue work before any adjustments which I feel works well for me rather than simply just adjusting which does not work always to sort the problem. Through regular visits to Victoria I can honestly say she always managed to sort me out.

- Mr T. G

Dear Victoria, We would just like to say you are missed by myself and megan and we would like to thank you. I have had many different kinds of treatment on my back but never have been treated by someone as professional, kind and reassuring as yourself. You always took the time to ensure we were receiving the best treatment. We also loved the fact you used massage to tackle our muscle problems within the treatment. We used to be amazed that for a petite young lady you had such power! We wish you well and your new patients will be very lucky to be treated by you. Kind Regards

- Mrs S & Miss M. W

Having both suffered with back problems for many years, and having had treatment without much success we "found Victoria". Thanks to her we now have full movement and no pain in our backs.

- Mrs T & Miss S. M

I went to see Victoria with persistent back and shoulder pain. I was initially a little apprehensive, as I did not know what to expect, but from the outset Victoria was reassuring, and extremely positive. She painstakingly reviewed my history and problems, in order to provide a thorough and detailed diagnosis. I found her to be very patient, providing treatment in a very relaxed, and friendly atmosphere. Additionally she would keep the treatment varied and interesting, by continually coming up with new stretches, techniques, and ideas. I am convinced that for Victoria, this is not just a job, but a passion. You need not look any further If you want somebody that you can have trust, faith, and confidence in.

- Mr L. M

I had a car accident about 18 months ago and damaged my neck and shoulder. So I made an appointment with Victoria and with her expertise in this area she set about sorting me out. The deep massage and adjustments to my neck, shoulders and back really eased my pain and discomfort. It made life easier so I could go back to work and sleep better. I would recommend this treatment to anyone with these sort of problems. She really is a miracle worker.

- Mrs J. A