Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Creamy Cashew Milk

Creamy Cashew Nut Milk

Are you avoiding dairy? Fancy trying my healthy grain and refined sugar free granola recipe? Please find below the perfect accompaniment smile emoticon

This cashew milk makes a really delicious and healthy alternative to dairy milk! It's so ‪#‎creamy‬ and delicious and works very well in just about anything (hot drinks, smoothies, curries...)

Why make your own dairy free milk?

At home you can keep a very close eye on the ingredients you use. This isn't so easy in shop bought products.

A lot of dairy free alternatives available contain questionable, unpronounceable and unidentifiable additives, preservatives and emulsifying ingredients. These are added to help mimic the look of dairy milk and to prolong shelf life.

Also, most commercially bought nut milks have high levels of sugar or agave syrup and usually not very many actual nuts!

Lets give our bodies a break and keep our food and ingredients real!

Saying the above, I have found one favourite yummy shop bought organic and unsweetened nut milk, made with just 3 simple ingredients (Water, Cashew Nuts and Sea Salt):


Nut milk isn't limited to cashews! You can use your favourite nut as a base, or even mix them up!

And if you want to make coconut milk - use coconut flakes in place of nuts!

Cashew milk is actually easier to make than other nut milks. I find that unless you want a super smooth milk, the muslin cloth isn't 100% required for cashews (as it would be for other nuts).

The reason for this is that the cashews disintegrate quite well, when blended (as opposed to almonds for example, which leave a lot of pulp behind in the muslin cloth).

Some blenders however don't obliterate ingredients as well as others, so the muslin cloth is good to have at hand.

*Top tip*

If you do make milk from any other nuts/seeds/coconut flakes, save the pulp for use in your baked goods, it is a good flour alternative!

P.s. You also don't need to add vanilla or dates (these are optional), they just add pizzazz to the overall taste and make the whole thing that little bit more luxuriously enjoyable!

Enjoy and send over any pics if you get to experimenting!

Posted by AChiropractor on Tuesday, 1 March 2016